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An Overview of Approaches to Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing

In my earlier post, The Fragmentation of Health Data, I gave an overview of where data comes from and how it flows across the healthcare ecosystem. This post will focus on the landscape of privacy-preserving technology and approaches to protecting privacy during those data flows.

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America’s COVID-19 Data Gap

The United States’ health care system is one of the most technically advanced in the world, yet is struggling to answer even simple questions about COVID-19. Despite millions of data points in the real world, billions of dollars of research money, and trillions of dollars of economic impact, there are a number of basic questions that we still cannot answer:

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Introducing Datavant Switchboard

Today, we are thrilled to announce Datavant Switchboard, our next step in helping companies safely connect data. This post will walk through the problem we’re tackling, how the Datavant Switchboard works, and how it is used across the healthcare ecosystem. Background: The Challenge We’re Tackling One of the most…

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The Burden of COVID-19 on Primary Care

There is growing interest in understanding the patient impact of COVID-19 not just during an acute case, but long afterwards. The mounting evidence of longer-term mental and physical effects suggests a need for better understanding of care requirements beyond the emergency room.

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Datavant 2.0: Connecting the World’s Health Data to Improve Patient Outcomes

3.5 years ago, I founded Datavant to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes. Today, we are announcing the combination of Ciox and Datavant – our biggest step forward to become the neutral, trusted, ubiquitous infrastructure powering the exchange of data across healthcare. This post outlines our vision…

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Celebrating the Next Generation of Connected Clinical Trials

Today is Clinical Trials Day, organized by the Association for Clinical Research Professionals. Clinical Trials Day is a day for celebration and recognition of clinical trial professionals and the work they do every day to improve patient lives and bring new treatments to market. New interventions are a source of…

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Datavant Way: The DNA of Our Distinctive Culture

The greatest companies have distinctive cultures — cultures that attract great people and define how an organization works together to pursue a mission and build a huge business. Some of the greatest companies have written down their cultural playbooks: the Netflix Culture deck (from 2009) and the HP Way (from 1980) were cultural manifestos…

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Why the New Interoperability Rules Don’t Yet Mean the Death of the Fax Machine

In a 2018 piece on why American medicine still runs on fax machines, Vox explained why the last decade of US government efforts to automate health data exchange had shown limited results. Earlier this month, new rules from ONC and CMS went into effect focused on making it easier for…

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The Fragmentation of Public Health Data

Special thanks to the following individuals for their help writing this article: Surafeal Asgedom, Michael Stebbins, David Shulkin, Niall Brennan, Tom Carton, Andrew von Eschenbach, and Charlie Rothwell. *** In the US, there are over 2,000 government health data sets at the federal, state, and local levels, including several…

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