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Readying Your Clinical Trial for Linkage eBook
How-to Guide: Readying Your Clinical Trial for Linkage with Real-World Data

When it comes to recruiting patients for clinical trials and collecting the necessary data to assess the impact and safety of novel therapies, trial sponsors and sites are facing greater challenges than ever before.

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The Growing Momentum and Adoption of Trial Tokenization

See reflections about the growing momentum and adoption of trial tokenization, as well as our recommitment to drive innovation in 2023 and beyond.

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How Feasibility Tools Can Accelerate Data Partnerships | Datavant

Want to accelerate your health data partnerships? Datavant Switchboard now includes feasibility tools that reduce the friction in health data exchange.

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Datavant Switchboard for Medical Record Retrieval

Accessing real-world data from patient medical records in a rapid, HIPAA-compliant, and transparent way is essential to power a multitude of use cases. Individuals are providing their authorization to third party organizations to use their medical data.

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The Picture Comes into Focus for Patients Suffering with Rare Eye Disease

Linking curated claims and registry data from electronic health records sheds light on full disease burden and healthcare utilization

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Enable Predictive Analytics Like Never Before with the Largest Health Data Ecosystem

To build the best predictive models, companies need access to massive amounts of data – ideally longitudinal data about a patient’s journey through the health system.

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Top 5 Trends in the Healthcare Data Ecosystem

This is a thrilling time to be working in the healthcare industry and with real-world data (RWD) in particular. There is a rapidly growing healthcare data ecosystem, major strides in privacy-preserving methods, growing applications of artificial intelligence (AI) on big healthcare data, and an increasingly open attitude amongst industry stakeholders to use data collaborations to achieve better patient outcomes. 

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How our Security and Compliance Teams Approached Datavant’s FedRAMP® Authorization

FedRAMP provides a standardized approach to security authorizations for cloud service offerings. You could say it’s the mother of all compliance frameworks. We went from having programs like SOC (System and Organization Controls) 2 — Type 2, where we had 50 security controls in place, to FedRAMP Moderate, where we now have 326 controls in place.

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Synthetic Data in Healthcare | Datavant

Synthetic data has the potential to be a critical technology in healthcare, as it enables representative patient data with inherent privacy protection. See more.

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