Connect health data to improve care delivery and clinical research

Connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data

Datavant Switchboard helps you securely and compliantly connect data to design better patient care and accelerate research.


Connect to real world data sources for a more complete picture of patient health


Control who has access to your data and the terms of data use


Comply with HIPAA standards and IRB requirements regarding use of identified and de-identified data

Connecting data enables you to…

Improve population health outcomes

by linking social determinant data to your EHR data to develop targeted programs and address socioeconomic barriers to access

Advance value-based care precision

with enriched social determinants of health data so you can identify patient types with increased risk factors

Participate in industry-sponsored research opportunities

to inform data-driven improvements in drug development and care delivery

Gain visibility into care outside your institution

…by connecting to third-party clinical and claims data in order to monitor patient loss and better understand patterns of utilization

Fulfill thousands of release of information requests

without impacting your day-to-day operations. Learn about our release of information offerings through Ciox Health, a Datavant company, here

Accelerate the process of connecting data to
open up new opportunities

Introducing Release of Information, powered by Datavant Switchboard

Datavant recently announced the expansion of Switchboard for the release of patient information (ROI) for providers.

ROI is the process of providing access to protected health information (PHI) to an individual or entity authorized to receive it.

Switchboard offers quick, seamless, secure release of patient health information to authorized requesters. Using Switchboard:

• Increases patient satisfaction

• Drives operational efficiency

• Ensures compliance with zero unauthorized disclosures

• Reduces payer/provider abrasion


Learn more about Datavant Switchboard for providers.


Connect the data you need with Switchboard.

Datavant Switchboard helps you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations.

Work with us to improve patient outcomes
through data connectivity