Connect to third-party data to better understand and manage risk

Connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data

Datavant Switchboard helps you securely and compliantly connect data to better predict and manage health care utilization


Connect to third-party data to augment insights from your internal claims data


Tightly control permissions and monitor all requests for access to your data


Ensure compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy-preserving technology

Connecting your data to real world data
can enable you to…

Improve risk adjustment factor scoring

by linking comprehensive member data to complete medical records and third-party data, uncovering insights to precisely calculate risk and measure care effectiveness. Learn about our risk adjustment offerings through Ciox Health, a Datavant company here.

Develop a longitudinal view of your members

by linking data across your internal business units (e.g., pharmacy and medical benefit management, retail and specialty pharmacy), plus augmenting with data prior to your coverage

Enhance case management

by linking to additional clinical and claims data to monitor members and recommend the right intervention at the right time

Accelerate the process of connecting data to
open up new opportunities

Connect the data you need with Switchboard.

Datavant Switchboard helps you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations.