Connect patient data at scale to answer research questions

Connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data

Datavant Switchboard helps you securely and compliantly connect patient data to conduct research at scale.


Securely connect data across institutions with sufficient scale to answer critical medical questions


Control data privacy and security through built-in data governance


Create de-identified data networks that are fully compliant with HIPAA

Connecting data enables you to…

Power research at scale

Securely link and de-identify real world data across clinical sites

Grow your network

Easily and securely add sites to clinical networks for studies or permanent partnerships

Enrich data with commercial sources

Enrich your clinical data network with additional deidentified data from commercial partners for specific study needs

Participate in industry-sponsored research

Find partnerships with study sponsors and collaborators in the nation’s largest health data ecosystem

Accelerate the process of connecting data to open up new opportunities

Connect the data you need with Switchboard.

Datavant Switchboard helps you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations.

Work with us to improve patient outcomes
through data connectivity