Unlocking Deeper Patient Insights by Linking Real-World Data to Specialty Drug Data

Life science companies have been burdened by lack of integration between internal and external data silos. Despite having access to various datasets for the same patient population, there has been no way to create a complete picture of the patient journey. This challenge has been particularly difficult for specialty products, where data is fragmented across pharmacies and data providers.

Today, through existing technology and industry partners, biopharma companies can develop a linkable data infrastructure to overcome these hurdles. Real-world evidence, data science and commercial leaders can extract more value from their data, and better meet the needs of the patients they serve.

In this webinar, speakers from Komodo and Datavant will discuss: 

  • How RWE and commercial teams can benefit from linking existing data (both third-party and proprietary data) across their organization
  • Examples of using linked data better to understand the patient journey and outcomes for specialty products
  •  Best practices for establishing a linkable data infrastructure from driving insights to action in commercial decision making 

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