The Future of Patient Centered Research

“Nothing about me without me” is how the saying goes – the patient, not as a data source but as an active partner in research. Facets of patient-centered research include focusing on outcomes important to patients, such as disease management and side effects over quantified lab values; patient-informed strategies for robust clinical trial enrollment; and even appropriate dissemination of findings to inform health policy and clinical practice.

This panel, hosted at Datavant’s 2022 Future of Health Data Summit, explores current trends in this space and where the next five years could take us.

Speakers included:

  • Donna Cryer, President & CEO, Global Liver Institute
  • David Fajgenbaum, Physician-Scientist, University of Pennsylvania; National Bestselling Author, Chasing My Cure
  • Michelle Longmire, CEO & Co-Founder, Medable
  • Corrie Painter, Strategic Advisor, Count Me In; VP External Research & Partnerships, Precede Biosciences

This panel was moderated by Joanne Kenen, Commonwealth Fund Journalist-in-Residence, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.