Future of Health Data
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The Future of Health Data Summit gathers leaders from across healthcare to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges around the use of health data to improve patient outcomes — including policy, regulatory, commercial, scientific and technical perspectives.

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Opening Keynote 2023

At The Future of Health Data Summit hosted by Datavant in September 2023 in Washington, D.C., Peter Slavin, Former President of Massachusetts General Hospital, called on industry leaders to take better care of the healthcare workforce. Dr. Slavin was joined by Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant.

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Unifying Healthcare Data: Next Generation Patient Registries

What makes for a useful patient registry? This panel discussed existing shortfalls in patient registries, what patient registries look like in 2023, and what patient registries might look like in an AI-driven future.

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Opening Remarks 2023

Datavant CEO Pete McCabe opened the 2023 Future of Health Data Summit discussing the biggest problem with health data today: a broken data supply chain.

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The Cost of Complexity: Navigating the Privacy “Hurricane”

As the healthcare industry works to accelerate patient access to their own health data, this panel discussed the challenges of building and maintaining trust, and the role of transparency in that process.

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A Roadmap to Resilience: Are We Ready for the Next Pandemic Threat?

What lessons have we held onto from the COVID-19 pandemic? This panel explored how the public-private partnerships that were established during the pandemic affect our current data readiness, as well as how we can better navigate complex regulatory jurisdictions to maintain critical data flow in times of crisis.

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The Analytics Advantage: Elevating Employee Wellbeing with Data

This panel at The Future of Health Data Summit discussed how employers can take a more data-driven approach to health plan management to positively impact employee health and well being.

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Who Wants to Live to Be a 100 Years Old: How the Data World Can Help Us Live Longer

This panel explored challenges in understanding longevity in the US, and if AI could play a role in answering the complex questions involved in a holistic understanding of human longevity.

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Last Mile Health – Shaping Healthcare Around the Patient

This conversation between Alice Chen, Chief Health Officer of Centene, Melanie Fontes Rainer, Director of the Office for Civil Rights, HHS, and R. Martin Chavez, Partner and Vice Chairman for Sixth Street Partners centered around health equity and how we can better design the healthcare system to work for all patients.

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The Power of Prioritizing Health Equity and Access to Disrupt Clinical Trials

This conversation, between John Wig, Chief Medical Officer of Walmart and Tara Grabowsky, Partner and Chief Data Officer of Life Sciences Practice at McKinsey, discussed Walmart’s role in developing clinical trials, building patient registries, and cultivating healthcare access and affordability.

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