Connect data while maintaining control and privacy compliance

Easily connect patient-level data internally or with external partners.




Connect patient-level data from disparate sources.

  • Link de-identified data with advanced matching capabilities
  • Retrieve identified medical records from hospitals, health systems, and clinics
  • Fulfill record retrieval requests quickly and easily 

Control access and use of your data

  • Monitor requests for access to your data and tightly control permissions 
  • Continuously monitor and audit the data you provide to other organizations

Rapid, trusted HIPAA compliance to accelerate innovations that benefit patients

  • Protect patient privacy while connecting and exchanging data
  • Work with technology-enabled, independent, neutral experts for all disclosure risk analyses in weeks (not months)

Your data strategy. Your switchboard.

Datavant is the industry’s trusted health data connectivity solution. Whether you’re a health system, life sciences company, payer or analytics platform — our technology can enable your data strategy. Think of Switchboard as your tool to enable data to flow as you need it to.

Datavant Switchboard Features

An end-to-end health data connectivity solution to help you connect health data, control access to it and comply with privacy regulations

De-Identify & Tokenize

Tokenize data to protect patient privacy


Visualize metadata and overlap between datasets


Match records at the patient level across datasets

Privacy Hub

Accelerated, end-to-end process for HIPAA compliance


Deliver data to end recipients

Protect patient privacy while enabling data linking

Tokenize your PHI on-premise, or upload to Datavant under BAA to tokenize.

Instantly visualize metadata and overlap between datasets

Compare the overlap between your dataset and potential third-party partners, without having to exchange any data.

Connect disparate data at the patient level

Best-in-class matching of patient records; Datavant can achieve >99.5% precision and recall with full patient information.

Seamless technologies open to any data source, data user, or expert

Trusted privacy protection to accelerate innovations that benefit patients

Scale distribution of your data

Streamline your data operations with Datavant. Deliver custom segments and ensure data integrity with each delivery.

Get a complete view of patient health for more precise insights, while protecting patient privacy.

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