Industry-leading, independent HIPAA disclosure risk
assessment and expert determination

Today, the traditional process for disclosure risk assessment is one of
the major bottlenecks to bringing together disparate health datasets.

Typical projects can be lengthy and are one
snapshot in time

Project managers face pressure for insights
needed to drive innovation

An approach without rigor or depth of knowledge may
leave companies open to risk

Now, Privacy Hub by Datavant

a better way to connect the world’s health data while preserving patient
privacy and data utility

Delivers speed without compromising quality or rigor in identifying and mitigating risk

Retains the benefits of a
customized relationship

Provides fit-for-purpose certifications
to help meet regulatory obligations



datasets configured, tokenized,
uploaded to Datavant portal



expert determinations
by independent, industry-
leading experts



experts with Datavant’s
recent acquisitions of Mirador
Analytics, dEpid/dt and Pirmin

Privacy Hub by Datavant is a bespoke approach to de-identification, incorporating a breadth of analytical technologies and leveraging decades of experience of the world’s leading experts from across the field. The aim is to create more consistency in the standards applied to protect patient privacy and shorten the time needed to obtain useful, connected data.

Privacy Hub enables fast availability of HIPAA-compliant datasets through technology-enabled disclosure risk assessment and expert determination. Independent experts work with advanced privacy preserving technologies to assess single or combined datasets, all in a neutral, secure, and auditable environment.

Privacy Hub offers solutions with breadth and depth of expertise throughout your data journey.

Independent expert-led process to ensure legal compliance
Actionable datasets meet de-identification standards and research needs
Highly secure environment with role-based access
Single point of contact for services and technology for stand-alone or multiple datasets
Streamlined technology platform that reduces risk and accelerates multiple assessments

Our Core Offerings

Raising the Bar for Disclosure Risk Assessment

Our core offering is independent Statistical Disclosure Risk Analysis of data. Our team of experts performs risk analyses on your information to discern the potential for re-identification of individuals within your data. The resulting reports give you confirmation of your data’s de-identification status, clarity on re-identification and privacy risks, and strategies to lower your risk while maintaining data utility.

Expert Determination reports and disclosure risk assessments

Statistical analysis of your de-identified health data ensure no more than a very small risk of re-identification. Tailored expert determination reports support compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Ongoing disclosure risk support

Relationship-based approach that enables appropriate level of consultation and effort on all types of projects at every stage, from expert opinions to detailed determinations, and process reviews to stakeholder discussion support.

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HIPAA Compliant De-identified Healthcare Data Exchange

Privacy and compliance officers across the healthcare ecosystem today
are part of an exciting new landscape of connecting data to improve
patient outcomes. Sharing patient health data can improve care
continuity, accelerate clinical research and help estimate and manage
patient health risk factors.

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Product Overview

Industry-leading Independent Disclosure Risk Analysis of Your Data

Increased innovation in use of data in healthcare means an increase in privacy risk. Knowledge of how this risk works and how to minimize it is critical.

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What does it mean to de-id data?

Getting Expert Determination right

Evaluating privacy services and tech

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