Datavant Switchboard for Medical Record Retrieval

Complete, rapid record retrieval for clinical trial recruitment, registry creation, and other clinical evaluations

Datavant Switchboard for Medical Record Retrieval

Connect to and access identified patient medical records for patient authorized use cases to streamline your organization’s process for obtaining the full clinical journey for a patient anywhere in the country



medical record retrievals annually


patient charts pulled for clinical research


retrieval specialists

You no longer need to look up fax numbers and hire staff to retrieve
medical records

Get access to medical records faster by leveraging the largest network of health systems and digital connections on the Datavant Switchboard.

Retrieve the full medical record with rich clinical histories going back 10 days or 10 years.

Improve participation in patient registries by centralizing your medical record collection.

Use Cases

Doctor selecting electronic health record on graphic overlay

Clinical research & patient registries

  • Centralize operations to request and access identified medical records for consented patients.
  • Reduce bias and increase reach of patient-powered registries with uniform data collection.

Clinical Trials

  • Confirm clinical trial eligibility quickly for complex inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Access medical data from patients participating in a pragmatic clinical trials to better capture clinical end-points
  • Adjudicate safety signals with complete medical data

Other non-treatment clinical evaluation

  • Patient records contain critical information to inform eligibility for medical adjacent services, such as organ donation or other specimen donation.

Capability Highlights

Single submission source instead of one of 100,000
medical offices and health systems in the country

Set up one API connection in less than a month

Centralized tracking and operationalized follow-up

Largest network of retrieval specialists in the country

Secure delivery of searchable PDF documents,
not faxed pieces of paper

Making a Medical Record Request


Research and clinical staff submit single or batch requests

Quickly enter in patient information and upload HIPAA Authorization documents


Track status in real-time

Monitor the progress of retrieval for each medical record for each patient


View and download medical records

Access medical records directly within the Switchboard or have them automatically delivered to a secure location. Email alerts can be configured to notify relevant project team members


Configure multiple projects with different access permissions

Manage permissions for who can view and access data across multiple projects

Integrate Datavant Switchboard for Medical Record Retrieval
Directly into Your Platform

Medical Record Retrieval

  • Stream record requests or batch submit to Datavant Switchboard
  • Surface project-level and patient-level chart stats directly within your research or clinical trials application
  • Pull medical records into a different app for manual review or further data processing



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Linking Real-Word Data

Datavant Switchboard for Medical Record Retrieval

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Linking Real-Word Data

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Accessing real-world data (RWD) from patient medical records in a rapid, HIPAA-compliant, and transparent way is essential for streamlined clinical trial eligibility matching and other clinical operations. 

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