We believe that patient data
should be used to benefit patients.

Patient Benefit

We believe the needs of the patient comes first

We aspire to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes. We believe that one of the biggest bottlenecks facing medical research and patient care is data fragmentation. Answering questions such as “How many measles patients between age 5 and 10 exist in California,” “what is the 10-year survival rate of patients treated with a particular medication,” or “which physicians and treatments are most effective” requires the use of data across many different institutions. In every use case we serve, every client we support, and every product we build, we ask ourselves, “How does this help patients?”.


We are open and honest about our services and how we manage data

Trust is earned. Building and maintaining trust requires candor about how our technology works, the partners we serve, and the value we add through our services. We seek to provide transparency and education about our services and the use cases we serve.


We maintain strong data protection procedures for
our ecosystem

Our clients and partners use Datavant’s services to process sensitive information, and we have a duty to protect it . We not only adhere to industry and regulatory standards but strive to exceed them wherever possible. We aspire to push the cutting edge of privacy-preserving technologies and cryptography, so data can be used for valuable analyses without a sacrifice of patient privacy. We aim for Datavant’s ecosystem and products to be synonymous with trust, security, and privacy.

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