The trusted, neutral, and ubiquitous health data ecosystem

Datavant is the industry’s trusted, neutral, ubiquitous technology for connecting health data



We are the most widely used and trusted solution in connecting health data.

  • Protecting patient privacy is central to everything we do; our solution is HIPAA-compliant and SOC2 certified.
  • You maintain complete control over the access and use of your data.


Datavant doesn’t license data or sell analytics, which allows us to focus solely on the technology infrastructure needed to connect data.


Datavant powers the nation’s largest health data ecosystem, which includes:

  • 2,000+ hospitals
  • 15,000+ clinics
  • 120 health plans
  • Top 10 claims data sources
  • 85% of U.S. mortality data
  • Top 5 labs, plus specialty and genetic labs
  • 3 out of the top 5 EHR data sources
  • 9 out of the top 10 consumer and social determinants data sources
  • 20+ specialty pharmacies


Datavant Switchboard is the only end-to-end solution that enables you to connect data while maintaining control and privacy compliance. With Switchboard you can:

  • De-identify and tokenize data
  • Match patient records
  • Evaluate the overlap between datasets
  • Certify data as HIPAA compliant
  • Deliver data to any partner

Get a complete view of patient health for more precise insights, while protecting patient privacy.

Why Customers Choose Datavant


With Datavant you can connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data. Our ecosystem includes more than 500 real-world data partners, 2,000 hospitals, 15,000 clinics and 120 health plans.


Maintain complete control over your data. With Datavant you decide who gets access to your data and for what purposes.


We’re committed to protecting patient privacy. From our HIPAA-compliant, irreversibly encrypted tokens, SOC2 security certification and solutions for supporting HIPAA Expert Determination certification of your data, Datavant enforces privacy and security at every step.

The Datavant Ecosystem

Datavant connects the nation’s largest health data ecosystem.


Real-World Data Partners


Hospitals & 15,000 Clinics


Health Plans

Top 10

Claims data sources

Top 5

Labs + specialty and genetic labs

Top 5

EHR sources

9 out of 10

Top consumer / social determinant sources


of US mortality data

> 20

Specialty pharmacies