Who We Help

Our customers use data to improve patient outcomes while protecting patient privacy

What would you do if you could connect any de-identified health data on patients or members?


Patients are the ultimate beneficiaries of all of our work, whether we’re connecting data for providers designing care management programs, life sciences companies searching for ways to get treatments to patients more quickly, or payers building out systems to better measure and improve the health of the populations they support. Our customers want to use data to build a more holistic view of the patient so that they can deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Providers work with Datavant to connect pharmacy, claims and other data sets to build models that inform care management, including knowing when to remind patients to take their prescriptions or when to deploy health coaches.


Life Sciences companies work with Datavant to connect real-world EHR, claims, omic, lab, socioeconomic and consumer data to support challenges including patient recruitment, trial design and outcome analysis. Leaders in the industry are planning hybrid trials, long-term observational studies and novel go-to-market strategies leveraging Datavant’s ability to connect to a wide variety of real-world data sources.

Payers work with Datavant to connect pharmacy, claims and consumer data to support risk management, health economics and outcomes research, and the development of sophisticated value-based pricing schemes. In short, payers leverage Datavant to get smarter on the populations they serve.


Analytics companies know that great analytics requires great data. Whether focused on serving providers, life sciences, payers or direct-to-patient solutions, leading healthcare analytics companies choose to work with Datavant to connect EHR, lab, medical and pharmacy claims, omic, wearable, behavioral, consumer and mortality data to enhance their offering to their customers.

Data sources trust Datavant to de-identify and link EHR, lab, medical claims, pharmacy claims, genomic, socioeconomic, consumer and behavioral data. By making de-identified source data linkable, Datavant allows that data to flow to its highest and best use. At the same time, sources retain control of their data. Sources will always know and approve which users their data flows to and how their data is being used.