We help you protect patient privacy and connect to the nation's largest ecosystem of real-world data

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Helping customers protect patient privacy and connect to the nation's largest ecosystem of real-world data.

For Clinical Development

Increase the success of your clinical program by connecting study data with real-world data at the patient level

For Commercial Pharma

Leading pharma companies build their real-world data strategy on Datavant's open data ecosystem

For Researchers

The COVID-19 Research Database enables researchers to use real-world data to better understand and combat the pandemic


We help our customers bring new therapies to patients faster, improve treatment plans, and reduce the cost of care.

Life Sciences

Enhance trial design and cut time to recruit patients for clinical trials
Make the case for market access early with hybrid trial design and outcomes research
Deliver the right therapies to the right patients at the right time
Develop models to diagnose earlier and find potentially misdiagnosed patients

Providers and Researchers

Benchmark performance in outcomes and quality metrics
Eliminate internal and external data silos hindering fully integrated care experience
Build and expand registries, integrating consumer data sets
Assess potential new markets for geographic expansion


Design care management programs with a truly holistic view of patients
Assess outcomes to align providers around cost-effective treatments
Better detect fraud, including impersonation of patients
Leverage internal and external claims data for value-based contracting

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  Learn about Datavant's efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with real-world data. Visit COVID-19 Research Database website ▸