Start Trials Faster

Accelerate site selection and recruitment by connecting to the nation’s largest ecosystem of real-world data

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Reduce Time

Reduce Time to Trial Start

Speed up the process of site selection and recruitment


Improve Screening

Validate patient panels before recruiting


Maximize Your Network

Easily query for criteria across your network of trial sites

Link real-world data at the patient level to support: 

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Site selection

Quickly identify trial sites with more recruiting potential based on volume of patients matching inclusion criteria

Patient recruitment

Narrow the search faster by removing professional patients and validating enrollee responses with RWD

Protocol design

Use RWD to develop better understanding of target patients and what should be tested in the trial

How it Works

Datavant Patient Keys are unique, encrypted identifiers for patients that are widely used to link de-identified health data without compromising patient privacy. CROs can use them to link data across their trial sites and enrich with RWD from external sources, then easily query the combined data for inclusion/exclusion criteria.

How it works - CROs