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Reduce Patient Burden and Improve Outcomes with Real World Data

Today, the multiple disparate touch points required for clinical research are burdensome for patients, sites and sponsors.etc…

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Data Simulators: The Next Leap in Data Sharing

What is synthetic data and how can it be used to improve patient outcomes and life sciences? In this discussion moderated by Su Huang,etc…

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How to Operationalize Real-World Data Linking to Benefit Clinical Research

The past year has illustrated the critical role of real-world data and evidence in clinical trials research and healthcare innovation.etc…

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Oncology Experts Panel: How Real-World Data Propels Innovation in R&D Commercialization, and Beyond

In this conversation moderated by Vera Mucaj, Head of Trials and Chief Scientist at Datavant, our panelists will share how they’re thinking about current trends and future needs in oncology and RWD:etc…

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Real-World Data and Patient Privacy: What They Didn’t Teach You About Expert Determination & HIPAA

In this session co-hosted by Datavant and Mirador Analytics, we’ll share:etc…

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The Value of Linked Datasets in Rare Genetic Disease Research

In this discussion, Datavant and Dr. Michael Kruer of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jacob Kean of the University of Utah, and Paul Gross,,etc…

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Seqster Spotlight: The Value of a Patient-Centric & Real-Time Approach to Real-World Data

Eliminating healthcare data silos is not only important for healthcare institutions but can also improve the patient experience and their health in real-time. To reduce friction,etc…

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Demystifying Mortality Data for Critical COVID-19 Insights

In this discussion, join Datavant, A3.AI, and the Columbia University Actuarial Science Program to learn more about the following topics:etc…

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Optimizing Real-World Data for Synthetic & External Control Arms

In this panel discussion moderated by Datavant, and featuring experts from Ikaika Health, Verantos, and Kantar Health to answer critical questions such as:etc…

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