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HPIAA Compliance and Healthcare Data Sharing: Privacy Expert Perspectives
HIPAA Compliance and Healthcare Data Sharing: Privacy Expert Perspectives

You may know you need “HIPAA compliance” to share data, but do you know how to get it, as quickly as your business needs it?

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Generate Richer Insights Before & After the Trial with Real-World Data

Clinical trial data can be tokenized and connected to valuable, fit for purpose real-world data (RWD) in a privacy-preserving way before, during & after the trial.  

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Enriching Oncology Studies with RWD Before, During and After the Trial

This webinar examines how enriching oncology clinical trials with real-world data generates deeper insights and improves operational efficiency to achieve better patient outcomes.

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Provider and Non-Profit Info Center Website: Getting Started on Your Project with Datavant

In this webinar, viewers will learn about what Datavant does and how you can enrich your dataset to get a more complete picture of your patients.

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How Data and Technology Platforms Can Improve Diversity in Clinical Trials and Clinical Research

Diversity in clinical trials and clinical research needs to be improved, however, life sciences companies continue to face obstacles.

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Synthetic Data: The Newest Tool in the Privacy Protection Tool Kit

Synthetic data is the latest breakthrough in privacy-protected health data. Join a panel with Carter Prince, Head of Growth at Syntegra, Jamie Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Mirador Analytics, Su Huang, Head of Data Strategy at Datavant, and Ofer Mendelevitch, Chief Technology Officer at Syntegra in a conversation about situations where maintaining patient privacy calls for an entirely new approach – Synthetic Data. Learn more about what it is, how it’s created and when it makes sense to employ synthetic data in your health data strategy.

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Overcoming the Challenges of Connecting Trial Site Data to Real World Data – The Latest Innovations in Data Connectivity

Connecting real world data to clinical trials holds promise for researchers and patients. It can extend the observation period of studies and supplement data for patients lost to follow up.

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Optimize Your Decentralized Clinical Trials with Real-World Data

Decentralized clinical trials and real-world data (RWD) are two of the most commonly cited approaches for driving greater efficiency and patient-centricity in clinical research, but can they be brought together to drive even greater impact?

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Next Generation Diabetes Management: Combining Glucose Levels, Lifestyle and Clinical Data for Better Outcomes

Effective diabetes management requires much more than tracking glucose levels. Diet, sleep, activity levels, and cardiac health all influence metabolic outcomes and outcomes in other chronic conditions.

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