Future of Health Data
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The Future of Health Data Summit gathers leaders from across healthcare to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges around the use of health data to improve patient outcomes — including policy, regulatory, commercial, scientific and technical perspectives.

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Better Serving Vulnerable Populations and Managing Health Disparities

Health and healthcare disparities are driven by complex and interlocking factors within and beyond systems of care. In the wake of COVID-19, the new and long-standing disparities in healthcare access, delivery, and outcomes are increasingly evident.

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Opening Remarks

Speaker: Senator Tom Daschle, Founder & CEO, The Daschle Group & Former Senate Majority Leader, Steve Swank, Chief Business Officer, Datavant

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Keynote: FDA’s Use of and Guidance on Real-World Data

Moderated by Sam Roosz, Speaker: Janet Woodcock

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Keynote: Public-Private Collaboration to Advance the Use of Real-World Data

Moderated by Jacob Plummer, Speaker: Robert Califf

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How Connected Data Can Be Used to Drive Therapeutic Innovation

Moderated by Vivek Ramaswamy, Speakers: Donna Cryer, Glen de Vries, Jamie MacDonald, Andrew Plump

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How Connected Data Can Be Used to Get the Right Therapy to the Right Patient at the Right Time

Moderated by Sundeep Bhan, Speakers: Anne Heatherington, Jeremy Sohn, Ed Trautman, Lynn Vos

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Keynote: The Future of Health Data at the FDA

Moderated by Holly May, Speaker: Amy Abernethy

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Putting the Patient First: Health Data Ethics, Technology & Consent

Moderated by Jules Polonetsky, Speakers: Inderpal Bhandari, Knut Mager, Kathryn Marchesini, Deven McGraw

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How Emerging Data and Technologies Can Transform the Patient Experience

Moderated by Richard Thomas, Speakers: Jay Bhatt, Aneesh Chopra, Scott Howe, Deborah Kilpatrick

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