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Building Datavant-UK

Convenet is a single API running on RESTful JSON that connects to 100% of England’s General Practitioner (GP) systems and the UK National Health System (NHS) Spine. We also enable connections to dozens of 3rd-party services, including pharmacies, care homes, and remote medical consultation services.

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Cancer Research Needs Better Databases

This year, a study of ten million people revealed the power of longitudinal research. A team mined a vast medical database of US military personnel, including tissue samples and health records collected over 20 years.

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Patient matching being conducted by healthcare professional using healthcare data - illustration
Patient Matching: Privacy Considerations

Patient matching is critical to improving patient outcomes. Discover how patient health data is linked across the health data ecosystem, providing a holistic view of the patient journey through time.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Every Trial Preview
Unlock the Full Potential of Clinical Trial Tokenization | Datavant

Clinical trials are central to making health advancements. Clinical trial tokenization and real-world data enable improved insights into the patient journey.

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The Next Generation of Employee Health Cover Page
The Next Generation of Employee Health

Using Datavant to link and de-identify employee health data, employers can better understand their employee needs and offer the right benefits for improved wellness and cost optimization.

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Health data exchange example illustration of giant laptop, mobile device and stethoscope next to two healthcare practioners. One professional reviews health data on a laptop. The other reviews patient x-rays.
Health Data Exchange Challenges to Solve in 2023

Health data ecosystem leaders reveal 4 key health data exchange challenges to be solved in 2023 and how to work together to solve them.

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Connect Employee Health & Wellness Data with Datavant

Making the right health benefit decisions requires complete patient data but that data is fragmented across thousands of organizations. Connecting employee medical and pharmacy insurance claims to wellness programs and other health data could help employers understand the effectiveness of their benefit design and wellness programs as well as identify unmet needs in their employee population.

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Why and How to Hire for Potential

I compare it to the Compounding Effect in finance. I’ve written about this since 2018. I think personal growth is very similar to compound interest: it tends to be exponential. A lot of people in the first half of their career journey have the capacity to increase their personal skills at a rate of 2 or 3 times a year.

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Comparing Bloom filters and tokenization for matching de-identified patient data

Datavant’s mission is to connect the world’s healthcare data to improve patient outcomes while maintaining patient privacy. HIPAA has a list of 18 pieces of identifying information that must be removed in order to satisfy the Safe Harbor method of de-identification, and offers further guidance on how parts of patient data can be included in a record while still qualifying as “de-identified.”

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