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Takeaways from Real-World Data Connect: Privacy and Data Governance Track
Takeaways from Real-World Data Connect | Privacy and Data Governance Track

Connecting de-identified real world data holds tremendous potential, but that potential can only be realized with thoughtful approaches to patient privacy.

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Lauren Hisiger: Building Datavant’s Integration with AWS

Lauren Hisiger joined Datavant as a Product Manager in January 2023. We spoke with Lauren about her Day 1 Project: steering Datavant’s first Big Tech integration…

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RWD Takeaways Clinical Development Track Featured Image
Takeaways from Real-World Data Connect | Clinical Development Track

Real-World Data Connect by Datavant unite life sciences groups on use of real-world data in clinical development and its impact on innovation and patient care.

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Unlocking the Datavant Engineering Interview Process: Part 3

Datavant is intensely committed to internal transparency. Learn about Day 0, onboarding buddies, and new hire orientations at Datavant.

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New Enterprise Data Connectivity Tools

Datavant announces new pools to power enterprise data connectivity with a bird’s eye view of all data connectivity projects across the organization.

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Webinar on demystifying access to patient data for observational research and clinical trials.
Demystifying Access to Medical Records for Observational Research and Clinical Trials

From Pharma to CROs to real-world evidence generation platforms, compliantly accessing medical records for your project can be challenging.

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Referential Data in Datavant Match
Referential Data in Datavant Match

Referential data is exactly what it sounds like: a large body of data to which we can refer in the process of matching, a bridge between otherwise disjointed datasets.

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Referential Data Enhances Datavant Match for Enterprise Identity Resolution

With referential data and advanced machine learning, Datavant Match surfaces more, higher-quality matches – even when underlying PII has changed. Learn more.

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The [Engineering-Product-Design] Organism

Facilitating collaboration and defining ownership to build better products within a complex product-development environment.

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