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Linking Genomic and Phenotypic Data to Better Understand the Patient Journey

As a life sciences researcher, we know that you face significant challenges when it comes to advancing precision drug discovery.

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Unlocking the Datavant Engineering Interview Process: Part 2

“Onsite” is something of a misnomer for an async/remote-first company because (of course) there’s no actual site to be on. Like many companies, Datavant became remote-first during the pandemic, but has since committed to staying that way for the foreseeable future.

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How to get faster, easier, and more complete medical records for trial eligibility matching and more

Accessing real-world data (RWD) from patient medical records in a rapid, HIPAA-compliant, and transparent way is essential for streamlined clinical trial eligibility matching and other clinical operations. But retrieving medical records can be a cumbersome process with various provider processes to complete and time intensive follow up.

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Tatiana Zwerling: How Datavant Empowers Personal and Professional Growth

At Datavant we empower Datavanters to set the trajectory of their own careers. How do we do this? We structure roles around big charters with a large degree of autonomy, and managers work with the people on their teams to devise lofty stretch goals.

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Optimizing Our API Retrieval Design

Broadly speaking, the Datavant Switchboard enables data requesters to connect to two types of data: de-identified data and identified data. Connecting identified data through the Switchboard solves the underlying problems for patients retrieving their medical records

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Unlocking the Datavant Engineering Interview Process

Maybe you’ve recently left a job. Maybe you’re thinking about leaving a job. At this time last year I was coming to terms with the fact that I needed to make a change in my professional life.

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Readying Your Clinical Trial for Linkage eBook
How-to Guide: Readying Your Clinical Trial for Linkage with Real-World Data

When it comes to recruiting patients for clinical trials and collecting the necessary data to assess the impact and safety of novel therapies, trial sponsors and sites are facing greater challenges than ever before.

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The Growing Momentum and Adoption of Trial Tokenization

See reflections about the growing momentum and adoption of trial tokenization, as well as our recommitment to drive innovation in 2023 and beyond.

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How Feasibility Tools Can Accelerate Data Partnerships | Datavant

Want to accelerate your health data partnerships? Datavant Switchboard now includes feasibility tools that reduce the friction in health data exchange.

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