Using Datavant's technology, healthcare stakeholders can protect their data within and across multiple organizations without putting protected health information (PHI) at risk.

Datavant's technology can help you:

Create de-identified datasets

Datavant's de-identification tools remove PHI elements in accordance with privacy regulations, and can be configured to work on any data layout and almost any file type.

Achieve and monitor HIPAA-compliance

Datavant has risk assessment tools and a network of independent experts to help you certify the proper de-identification methods to use for your data set.

Key Features

Easily Configurable for Any Workflow

Datavant's technology works with almost any data type and data file.  We support custom de-identification rules, and have successfully run our tools in a variety of customer environments.   

Protect Patient Privacy and Reduce Risk

Datavant's tools de-identify data using HIPAA-certified, site-specific, encrypted tokens to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and patient re-identification. The software is installed on premise, meaning that you never give us access to your PHI or system.

Tested and Trusted

Datavant's technology has been successfully used since 2014. The Datavant-enabled ecosystem is over 200 datasets strong and growing, including EMR systems, labs, specialty pharmacies, providers, and more.

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Overview of Datavant’s De-Identification and Linking Technology for Structured Data, powered by UPK

Real-Time De-Identification for Real-Time Analytics: Using API-enabled software to de-identify and tokenize healthcare data flowing into a continuously-updated enterprise data warehouse and analytics engine


De-identify Structured Data

De-identify structured data sets in batch or real-time modes

Simulate PHI-Containing Data

Add simulated PHI to de-identified data for QC and demo needs

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