Privacy Principles

We believe that patient data should be used to benefit patients. Our privacy principles guide our thinking on the management and use of data.


Patient Benefit: We believe the needs of patients come first.

We assess risks and benefits and make decisions within a framework that is designed to ensure our practices are consistently favorable to patients. If it can help patients, we’re interested. If not, we aren’t.


Transparency: We are open and honest about our services and how we manage data.

Trust is earned. Building and maintaining trust requires candor about the data we have, the efforts we support, and the value we add through our services.


Security: We maintain strong data protection procedures for our data environment.

We not only adhere to industry and regulatory standards but strive to exceed them wherever possible. Though security is never a guarantee, we operate as if we’ve made one.


Choice: We recognize the importance of patient choices over the collection and use of their personal data, and we vet our partners and clients to ensure that they do too.

We believe that all data must be collected with consent and must be treated in accordance with the notice given at the time it was collected. These consents and promises govern what data we receive and how we manage it. We evaluate our data partners to understand their data policies and procedures, and we evaluate our data clients to ensure they can accommodate the regulatory and data use limitations we pass on to them. We will not accept data from or share data with organizations that do not pass this evaluation.


Education: We take every opportunity to educate ourselves, our partners, and our clients about data ethics and responsible data use.

As just one organization in an industry of many that handle sensitive information, we recognize that we are only as good as our relationships. We set a high standard for ourselves, our partners, and our clients.

To learn more about our practices, visit our Data Use Policy