What an open data ecosystem
can do for clinical development

July 24, 2019 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ETWebcast

Datavant _ BlueBlack

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nan shao edited

Nan Shao

Corporate Vice President, Biostatistics and Statistical Programming


Sam Roosz

Head of Life Sciences


In this webinar, we will discuss recent progress in clinical development, particularly given the FDA's push to incorporate real world data for protocol feasibility analysis, hybrid trial design, patient recruitment, and running post-marketing surveillance studies. We will explain why an open data ecosystem is essential for those efforts - that is, a data ecosystem where parties can bilaterally exchange and connect data for a variety of use cases while complying with regulations and protecting individual patient privacy; and we'll discuss some of the work that Parexel and Datavant are doing together to help accelerate progress in the space.

Datavant _ BlueBlack