Datavant’s technology allows the safe joining of patient records across multiple sources without any party needing to expose a patient’s personally identifiable information.

Datavant's technology can help you:

Link records to create a complete view of the patient

Multiple linking tokens can be added to each record, allowing robust record matching logic that is as strong as matching using PHI, but without the risk.

Connect the dots across multiple parties

Datavant tokens can be added to your proprietary data, allowing you to join it to your insightful partner data sets to give you a more complete view of patients.

Key Features

Easily Configurable for Any Workflow

Our cross-platform products run in a wide variety of customer environments, either as a standalone tool, or using an API that integrates directly with your system.

Datavant patient tokens are already in healthcare and non-healthcare records from over 200 datasets, enabling simple and secure linking across millions of patients.

Protect Patient Privacy and Reduce Risk

Each Datavant installation receives a site-specific token key, which means that a security incident at one site does not expose the tokens held by any other site. This site-specific token also means that no data set can be linked unless authorized by the data owner.

Tested and Trusted

Datavant's technology has been in use since 2014 (as part of Universal Patient Key), and the Datavant-enabled connected ecosystem is over 200 datasets strong and growing, including EMR systems, labs, specialty pharmacies, providers, claims clearinghouses, health plans, and more.

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De-identify Structured Data

Your unique linking tokens to each record as the data is de-identified

See handout

Link De-identified Data

Transform site-specific tokens to a common scheme to allow permitted partners to link records without PII

Link to Mortality Data

Add mortality data to your health analyses using tokens

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