How We Do It

Our technology protects patient privacy and allows our customers to connect de-identified patient records across datasets


Your data journey with Datavant in 3 simple steps:

1 Protect

Replace patient identifying information with Datavant token

2 Match

Use tokens to connect de-identified patient records

3 Share

Discover new data partners and seamlessly exchange data in our ecosystem

Key Features

Protect Patient Privacy and Reduce Risk

Datavant's tools support de-identification of data through HIPAA-compliant, certified tokens to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and patient re-identification. The software can be installed and run on-premise, meaning that you never have to give us access to your PHI or system.

We live by our Privacy Principles which guide how we manage and protect data.

Industry-Leading Matching Technology

Match records across datasets with industry-leading precision and recall. Datavant's approach to matching is simple, validated by studies with real-world data, and flexible to your needs.

Easily Configurable for Any Workflow

Datavant's technology works with almost any data type and data file. We support custom de-identification rules, and have successfully run our tools in dozens of customer environments.

Tested and Trusted

Datavant's technology has been successfully used since 2014. The Datavant ecosystem consists of over 350 data partners. In the last year, we’ve processed well over 100 billion records.

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Completed SOC2 Type I and Type II examinations

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