Datavant enables a growing network of hundreds of data sources to rapidly discover data and exchange their data with their partners.

Datavant's technology can help you:

Exchange data without exposing PHI

Quickly convert your de-identified data into your partner’s token key so you can exchange it without exposing PHI. You can use Datavant's escrow service to host and distribute your de-identified data securely at your request.

Securely evaluate data partnerships

Before exchanging data, compare your data set with a partner’s to determine how many patients you have in common (or are unique) so you only exchange the records you need to

Key Features

Easily Configurable for Any Workflow

Datavant enables seamless data sharing without the need to send PHI. We've automated our overlap analyses to be a self-service solution that is hosted in the cloud that works with any potential data partner.

Protect Patient Privacy and Reduce Risk

Datavant’s overlap tool does not require parties to submit PHI to see which patients they have in common.

Our escrow service hosts only de-identified data in a secure and SOC2-compliant hosting environment.

Tested and Trusted

Datavant’s technology has enabled the sharing of data sets across the healthcare ecosystem since 2014 (through Universal Patient Key). In that time, some of the largest commercial data sets spanning hundreds of millions of patient records have taken advantage of our escrow service for regular delivery of their de-identified and tokenized data to multiple recipients.

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Compare Datasets

Securely compare the individuals in your data with those in your partner's data

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De-identify Structured Data

De-identify structured data sets in batch or real-time modes before sharing

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Link De-identified Data

Transform site-specific tokens to a common scheme to allow permitted partners to link records without PII

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