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Datavant supports transparent research that utilizes real-world data in a privacy preserving manner. Below, we highlight research efforts that have used Datavant technology to link real-world data for the benefit of patients and the public good.

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Intra-household Transmission of Infectious Disease and Gender Inequality

Xinming Du

The study examined how intrahousehold transmission of COVID-19 is impacted by gender inequities.

Charges of COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing and Antibody Testing Across Facility Types and States

Mark K. Meiselbach, Ge Bai, Gerard F. Anderson

Research found that a small proportion of COVID-19 diagnostic testing and antibody testing services, provided in selected states, had charges that far exceeded the Medicare rate. High charges may create financial barriers for some uninsured patients and lead to higher premiums for out-of-network private plans.

The Effects of School Reopenings on COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Douglas N. Harris, Engy Ziedan, Susan Hassig

Research from the COVID-19 Research Database shows no impact of school openings on COVID-19 hospitalization rates for counties whose pre-opening total new COVID-19 hospitalization rates were below roughly 36-44 per 100,000 population per week (roughly the 75th percentile of counties during the summer).

Assessment of Filled Buprenorphine Prescriptions for Opioid Use Disorder During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Thuy D. Nguyen, Sumedha Gupta, Engy Ziedan, Kosali I. Simon, G. Caleb Alexander, Brendan Saloner, Bradley D. Stein

Findings suggest that, since the COVID-19 national emergency declaration, the number of individuals filling buprenorphine prescriptions has plateaued but has not decreased; however, filled prescriptions for all medications collectively have decreased considerably.

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