Welcome to the Datavant Enablement Program

Datavant’s enablement program is an educational program for our highest-value partners and clients. It consists of a series of video-enabled training sessions to allow consultants, clients, and other partners to explain the Datavant value story, the basic product functionality, our ecosystem, and how to deploy and use our technology.

About Datavant’s Enablement Program

Learn about Datavant’s connectivity technology, use cases and unparalleled data partner ecosystem.

Start with Datavant Foundations, eleven modules that take just 5-15 minutes each to learn about the problem of data fragmentation, the basics of Datavant’s platform, and use cases powered by real-world data. 

Take and pass all the learning assessments and earn a certificate and a badge you can promote on LinkedIn to differentiate your skills and your organization.

The Datavant Foundations Course includes the following lessons:

1. The Problem We Solve

2. Use Cases and Case Studies

3. Datavant Switchboard – De-identified Data Connectivity

4. The Datavant Partner Ecosystem

5. Mortality Data

6. Working with Datavant

7. Tokenization – The Basics of Tokenizing Data

8. Datavant Match – Advanced Patient Record Matching

9. Privacy Hub – Industry Leading Privacy Expertise and Technology

10. Linking Trials to RWD – Study Design Considerations

11. Linking Trials for RWD – Site and Patient Considerations

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