Rethink Clinical Trials

Increase the success of your clinical program by connecting study data with real-world data at the patient level

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Learn More from Trials

Better understand outliers and follow outcomes even after a study is complete


Gain flexibility

Answer the questions you didn’t think to ask when the trial was designed

Cut Your Cost

Cut Your Costs

Reduce the need for site visits and lose fewer patients to follow-up

Connect to the nation's largest ecosystem of real-world data to support: 

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Retrospective Cohort Analysis

Understand study outliers and the outcomes of patients lost to follow-up

Post-Marketing Studies

Lower the costs of monitoring for long-term safety and efficacy

Hybrid Studies

Join data collected through trials and RWD sources for a more holistic view of the patient

Synthetic Controls

Reduce time and costs by incorporating RWD sources and pragmatic design

How it Works

Datavant Patient Keys act as a unique, consistent ID that can be used to match a consenting patient’s study data to their data in the real world, without unblinding the study

How It Works