Thoughts from Datavant leaders on the evolving health data landscape

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Guiding Philosophies for Recruiting World Class Teams in Tech

As the Head of People at a fast growing tech startup in San Francisco, I’ve had the pleasure to meet hundreds of candidates and refine the way we approach hiring and talent at Datavant. These are my guiding philosophies, which may help other teams who are developing their approach to…

“Why Datavant?” — The answer to the question I ask the most

“Why Datavant?” — The answer to the question I ask the most In virtually every one of the 111 job interviews I conducted this quarter, I asked: “so, why are you interested in Datavant?” I joined 5 months ago — I was recently on the other side of the table. I have thought a lot…

Job offer letters as invitations to employment

As a candidate, receiving an offer letter for a job you want is a terrific feeling. So is giving offer letters! For many companies, an offer letter is more of a contract written by lawyers than a letter or invitation. Despite the glad tidings offer letters bring, they often feel prickly, generic,…

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