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Thoughts from Datavant leaders on the evolving health data landscape

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A study showing real world use of “real world data”

Medical research is beginning to make use of “real world data,” the data generated from everyday visits to doctors’ offices by normal patients. A new paper in The Oncologist provides a powerful demonstration of how this data can be applied to real studies. *** The gold standard of medical research has…

Healthcare Predictions for 2019

Slowly but surely, the pace of change in healthcare is starting to accelerate, and 2019 will be a dynamic year for the industry with major regulatory, technological, and business innovation. There will be false hype, breakthroughs, the failure of traditional business models, and plenty of cross-pollination both within healthcare (payers,…

In the quest for big tech to break into healthcare, Amazon just broke away from Apple and Alphabet.

Last week, Amazon announced the launch of Comprehend Medical, a tool to mine unstructured health data from text. The press around the announcement jumped to the long-term implications of AI mining medical records, describing use cases where Amazon could support clinical decision-making (aiding in diagnosis, finding mis-diagnosed patients, etc.) and help…

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