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Growing Your Engineering Career

Explore diverse paths of professional growth for engineers beyond traditional management roles. Learn about career progression and making an impact at Datavant.

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Max Patton: From Analytics to Architecture

Max Patton joined the Product Success Data Ops Team in September 2022. One of Datavant’s core values is prioritizing growth over comfort.

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Medical Record Retrieval: Reducing Friction, Improving Outcomes

Datavant recently announced that the Datavant Switchboard includes the ability to support patient-mediated medical record retrieval to power clinical research.

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Unlocking the Datavant Engineering Interview Process: Part 2

Discover how Datavant’s values and practices shape its engineering team and career paths by prioritizing growth over comfort.

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Tatiana Zwerling: How Datavant Empowers Personal and Professional Growth

Discover how Datavant empowers personal and professional growth through insights from Tatiana Zwerling. Explore the journey and impact of leveraging data in this insightful blog.

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Optimizing Our API Retrieval Design

Datavant enhances efficiency in API retrieval design. Learn how we optimize our API integration for seamless data access and utilization.

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Unlocking the Datavant Engineering Interview Process

Maybe you’ve recently left a job. Maybe you’re thinking about leaving a job. At this time last year I was coming to terms with the fact that I needed to make a change in my professional life.

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The Growing Momentum and Adoption of Trial Tokenization

See reflections about the growing momentum and adoption of trial tokenization, as well as our recommitment to drive innovation in 2023 and beyond.

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How Feasibility Tools Can Accelerate Data Partnerships | Datavant

Want to accelerate your health data partnerships? Datavant Switchboard now includes feasibility tools that reduce the friction in health data exchange.

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