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5 Considerations for getting expert determination right blog
5 considerations for getting Expert Determination right

Expert determination is a preferred method for healthcare organizations looking to make their datasets HIPAA compliant.

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We Need the Internet of Health Data (And Not the Walled Garden of AOL)

When I was the Chief Science Officer at the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), I can’t tell you the number of times that a company would come into my office with the solution to interoperability, or information exchange, or data analytics or any number of challenging problems that we need to solve in health IT. 

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Expanding Datavant Switchboard for Digital Release of Information

Today, we are excited to announce the expansion of the Datavant Switchboard to digitize the process of secure patient data release.

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Scaling the Culture of a High-Growth Tech Company Where an Engineer Tells You It’s the Company the Want to Work at Until They Retire

“How do you plan to scale your culture” is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked by candidates, since we were 20 people and now that the team has grown by more than 10x.

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What does it mean to “de-identify” data blog
What Does It Mean to “De-identify” Data?

Privacy and compliance officers across the healthcare ecosystem today are part of an exciting new landscape of connecting data to improve patient outcomes.

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The Graveyard of Interoperability Initiatives

In the last several decades, there have been at least 100 initiatives and companies that have attempted to solve interoperability in healthcare. Yet the fax machine still rules the industry – what went wrong, and how can the industry solve this?

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For High Precision Matching, Go Beyond Simple Pairwise Comparisons

How does a researcher connect a patient’s hemoglobin test results with their insulin prescription history with their vital signs measured by wearable technology?

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5 Studies from the COVID-19 Research Database that Shaped Health Policy and Changed the COVID Conversation

In the early days of the pandemic, Datavant recognized a pressing need for national insight about COVID-19.

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Health Data Trends Part II: New Data Types in the Datavant Ecosystem

In my first post, I reviewed the most common questions clients attempt to answer with health data. This time, I’ll review new data available through Datavant’s ecosystem partners and its value in answering specific questions. As partners continue to join our ecosystem, there are more opportunities for health systems, insurers and biopharma companies to connect data that completes the picture of patient health.

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