Datavant Ecosystem

“Partnering with Datavant will be a force multiplier to Prognos’ analytical capabilities by leveraging Datavant’s ecosystem to expand our existing data partnerships across data types.”

Sundeep Bhan
CEO and Co-Founder, Prognos

The Datavant Ecosystem

Datavant connects the nation’s largest health data ecosystem.


Real-World Data Partners


Hospitals & 15,000 Clinics


Health Plans

Top 10

Claims data sources

Top 5

Labs + specialty and genetic labs

Top 5

EHR sources

9 out of 10

Top consumer / social determinant sources


of US mortality data

> 20

Specialty pharmacies

With Datavant you can…

Improve Care Delivery

Providers can deeply understand patients to provide better care and manage population health.

Inform Healthcare Decisions

Health data & analytics companies can use connected data to find deeper patient insights.

Accelerate R&D and Commercialization

Life sciences companies can get the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.

Manage and Monitor Risk

Payers can better predict member utilization and manage risk.

Connecting your institution’s EHR data to third-party data unlocks insight on utilization patterns and outcomes to inform care pathways and population health initiatives.

Uncover deep patient-level insights for everything from rare disease patient finding to value-based care analytics.

Connected real-world data powers trial recruitment, adverse event investigation, measuring outcomes and commercial analytics.

Connecting your member claims to third-party clinical and consumer data can support better risk scoring, improve prediction of utilization and case management.

What Our Customers Say

“Partnering with Datavant has provided Parexel the ability to link disparate data sets to drive the complex analyses necessary for providing innovative scientific and clinical data strategies.”

Jamie Macdonald

“Datavant provides us with a broad array of built-in connections to real-world data sources, which can now be combined to yield a more holistic view of patient health than clinical trial data alone.”

Dr. Michelle Longmire
CEO and co-founder of Medable

“Useful data lives in many places, and this partnership will help our customers bring together an even greater amount of data sets for the benefit of their business and the patients whom they serve.”

Doug Fulling